4 Best Things to do When Planning Your Next Summit or Conference


Recently we had the privilege to design and produce the FIRST EVER Adidas Newsroom Summit in NYC for 150 marketing and communication department heads from around the globe. We understand that most summits intend to inspire and promote collaboration within teams. Whether your company is spending thousands or millions  on your next summit, it is important to focus on these four things for the best experience for your team. 


  1. Assign Teams from the Start

Be careful not to have the whole summit run by too few people. Arrange a management team into smaller groups where 1–2 people take responsibility and lead a team for each. Speaker curation, speaker hospitality, design, budget, content, PR/social, production,  legal and more all need the full attention of someone. Smaller teams meet as required and the entire group should share progress together on a habitual basis.


  1. If You Don’t Sweat the Details, Attendees Will

The Devil is In the Details. Make sure the creative things are well done: branding, badges, schedules, posters, in-house projections, etc. Design professionals are overly critical of such things, they will talk about them during the event, and even if you have an amazingly curated lineup, failure to address those ‘little details’ will distort the people’s perception of the event.


  1. Let People Breathe (and Pee)

Don’t overload your program… Attendees need to get up, grab a coffee, check their mail, and, yes, pee. They also need time to let all those new ideas sink in — by discussing what they just heard. 


  1. Seek Professional Help

Work with a third party who runs conferences as a service. The logistics of dealing with stuff like hotels, menus, AV, internet, room layout, flow, registrations (and refunds!) and so on can be a nightmare. 


Dera Lee Productions pays attention to the details like you would pay attention to the details. 


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