Dera Lee Productions is a woman owned event production and design agency  that brings brand campaigns to life through an in depth understanding of the event industry, theater arts, and marketing trends.

With a background in the theater arts, we believe events are all about story-telling. Our promise is that every event has the energy and ingenuity of opening night and the expertise of a 10-year run

Dera Lee Productions approaches every event like it's a Broadway show.  Our years of experience mean that we know how to produce detailed, technically precise events that can transport the audience and even be a little magical.  We balance the artistic and the technical to produce one-of-a-kind experiences that forge an emotional connection between attendee and brand.  If you just saw an experience at a competitor's event, you won't see it our ours.

We also understand the bottom line is important to you. It's important to us. We deliver on what we promise and maximize your budget, so you'll always know you are getting value for your money.