5 Tips for a Successful Fitness Event


Brooks Running makes some of the best running gear in the world and we were thrilled to have the chance to work with them again launching their new Fall 2018 collection. 

Click here to see photos from our recent event! 

The event was scheduled in April and we knew that the weather can either be cold or rainy in NYC so an indoor activity became the best plan of action. We are all avid runners here at Dera Lee Productions but running in the rain is hard for anyone except for maybe Desi Linden, Brooks Running spokesperson, who came in first place at the Boston marathon even in down pour rain conditions being the first American woman to win in 33 years! 


Ok…so here are our 5 tips for a successful fitness event: 

  1. Guests wanna sweat. 
    1. If your guests come to an event expecting a workout, they wanna sweat so don’t forget the small items like plenty of water and small towels. If the towels can be branded - even better! 
  2. Provide enough space. 
    1. Make sure your guests have enough space to jump around. We would suggest a minimum 6 inches - 1 foot around everyone’s mat. 
  3. Playlist is everything!
    1. Music is essential to any good workout so hire a DJ to either create a playlist or better yet have the DJ spin tunes at the event. 
  4. Make sure there are enough changing rooms. 
    1. If your guests are coming to the event after work, make sure you have plenty of changing rooms for everyone to quickly change. 
    2. Also lockers/cubbies for everyone or a fast coatcheck line is a must! 
  5. Provide yummy treats as a reward for kicking butt! 
    1. After workout snacks don’t have to be typical like energy bars or smoothies. Desi Linden’s favorite postrace or long run indulgence is a burger and beer. :)